Monday, June 24, 2013

As Another School Year Ends...

As always life here in Haiti never seems to slow down even though school is now out!  Since returning from Colombia at the beginning of May, I think I’ve had some sort of concert, performance, or service to play for almost every weekend.  Along with the excitement of several musical happenings, I’ve also been helping plan for mini-camp, been photographer for the school, and begun to pack.  (And isn't it crazy that I’m talking about packing already!?!)  

So let’s take a moment to highlight the performances of these past few weeks.  The first was an OPST concert that featured tango music.  For the concert we had a guest conductor, a flutist, a bandoneon player (it’s kind of like an accordion), and two professional tango dancers come in from Argentina to perform with us.  My favorite part, and also the audience’s favorite part, was the dancers.  They were stunning as you can see from my photo and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to work with these fellow artists.  

The other performances were all for services at Sainte Trinité Cathedral.  There was much to celebrate in the cathedral in May and June.  We celebrated Holy Trinity Day, the 20th anniversary of the consecration of Bishop Duracin, and the 100th anniversary of the Sainte Trinité Cathedral.  On the Sunday of the 100th anniversary of the cathedral, we also celebrated the graduation of the first ever graduating class of Ecole Sainte Trinité.  Until a few years ago Ecole Sainte Trinité was only a primary school going up to the 6th grade.  So it was very exciting (and coincidental) that the 100th anniversary was same year as the first graduating class!

As “photographer” for the school, I get the pleasure of joining some of the chamber groups of the music school for their performances.  This past weekend, the Chamber Orchestra played Music Day at Fokal, a popular arts venue in Port-au-Prince.  I love being able to enjoy the concerts through the lens of my camera and be able to help capture these special moments for the school.

Another joy of being a missionary is all of the amazing people you get to meet and cool places you get to visit.  Through a request of 815, I was asked to take some pictures of St. Vincent’s School for the Handicapped.  The school is run by the Episcopal Church and is one of the very few facilities for handicapped children in Haiti.  As you can see, I made a great new friend in my visit there!

Another one of those cool visits happened this past week.  Myself and three other people from St. Jacques’ English congregation made a trip to the women’s prison in Pétion-Ville.  Throughout the year, the English congregation has been collecting various supplies such as soap, toothpaste, wash clothes, etc. to create packets to give to the women in prison.  Our trip last week to deliver the packets to the inmates was the final piece of the project.  Myself and the other volunteers felt very humbled for the opportunity to visit almost 300 women and share the love of Christ with them through these packets we had created for them.  It was a wonderful visit and the congregation hopes to keep these relations we've created with the prison to help them again in the future.

So a whirlwind of excitement as always and now to get ready for camps!  Of course a big thank you to the sponsors from these past few weeks Anna Mueller, Don & Yvonne Bingaman, Arthur Sperry, Bill & Sue Jarvis, Wayne & Pam McKinly, Cathie Waldie, Ron & Dee Johnston, Martha & Jim Griffin, Gil & Marge Kesser, Pat & Mari Kofalt, Jim & Sylvia Petrie, Jane Harris, and Polly, John, Jack, & Maria Nelson.  Also dear friends and family back home, you can begin the countdown...I’ll be back in the states at the beginning of August!  Can’t wait till I get to see you all soon, but until then I’ll help keep the music education going here in Haiti!

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