Sunday, May 26, 2013

76 Trombones in the Big Parade!!!

Ok well seventy-six might be a slight exaggeration, more like three trombones....but hey we had the premier of the first ever Sainte Trinite marching band!  As promised, I told you I would tell you all about our first performance when it happened!

When I returned from Colombia, I jumped right back into the swing of things.  We rehearsed everyday with the marching band preparing for their first performance that was to take place on May 17 in honor of Flag Day in Haiti.  

I was so excited to come back and see the hard work that both the students and my colleagues had done while I was away.  The students prepared two pieces for their performance, the Haitian National Anthem and the Let’s Go Band.  

On Friday, we all met early in the morning to get ready for our first parade.  The parade included our marching band, dancers, and students who had prepared some songs to sing and a skit (all were students from the Ecole de Sainte Trinité).  At about 10:30 a.m., we took our first steps on the road in front of the cathedral and it was so cool to see everyone on the streets stop to watch!

Eventually we ended up in front of the National Palace to play the National Anthem for everyone.  Then the other students performed their skit and songs.  After some exciting performances, we continued our parade to the Ministry of Culture.

At the Ministry of Culture we performed for the Minister of Culture and the staff.  After the performance the students got a break and were the stars of tons of pictures!

Finally we marched back to the cathedral, after a few more photo ops.  When we got back to the school, there was a mini-celebration with drummers jamming out and the students cheering.  The excitement was absolutely infectious!  Overall, I was super proud of the success of the students, but more importantly happy to see that they had such a good time.  

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