Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Visit from 815!

What a fun week I just had!  As many of you know, a few people came down from the Episcopal Church Headquarters (also fondly known as 815) to visit me in Haiti.  My visitors included Jason Stewart Sierra, officer for Young Adult Leadership and Vocation in the Episcopal Church, Rev. Bridget Coffey, the assistant rector to my home parish, and Katie Webb, an intern in the Mission Personnel Office.  

We kicked off their visit with a walk to the Diocesan Offices on Tuesday morning for a meeting with Bishop Ogé Beauvoir.  They enjoyed meeting him and learning about the different developments going on throughout the Episcopal Church in Haiti.  It was also great prep for the trip we took up north on Wednesday.  

Our trip up to northern part of Haiti to visit Cap-Haïtien was fantastic!  We flew up on Wednesday morning and were met by Pére Samuel at the airport.  In the late afternoon we met with him at the vocational school to talk about the many things that the Episcopal Church is doing in that region.  On Thursday morning we took a tour of the vocational school, Saint Espirit (Episcopal church and school in Cap-Haïtien), Saint Luke (Episcopal church and school in Trou-de-Nord), and Saint Etienne (Episcopal church and school in Limonade).  It was a busy morning, but it was a wonderful opportunity to see the different parts of Haiti and the Episcopal Church's work in these communities.    

Friday morning I had a great time showing off an awesome shop in Pétionville. The shop is called Kay Artizan and sells items handcrafted by local Haitian artists.  We enjoyed getting to see some beautiful artwork and also being able to support the local economy.

On Saturday, we headed into Port-au-Prince for the day so I could teach.  Thanks to a break in my day, I took my visitors down to the Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon.  The museum contains two sections, one explaining the history of Haiti and the other containing artwork from Haitian artists.  Not only did my visitors love the trip, I really enjoyed being able to learn more about Haitian history and see some amazing artifacts.  I was particularly impressed by the anchor from Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria!

In the afternoon, Jason, Bridget and Katie had the opportunity to sit in on an OPST rehearsal.  We began rehearsing Christmas music for our next concert on December 21.  

Sunday morning I had the special treat of hearing a sermon from Bridget!  She was invited to preach and celebrate the Eucharist at St. Jacques.  It was so exciting to see a melding of my two worlds and I was so happy to worship with new and old friends!

It was such a fantastic week!  I loved getting to show off my new home and work to Jason, Bridget and Katie.  There were so many laughs and wonderful moments of fellowship shared during the visit.  I feel so blessed to have an amazing support system through the church and was delighted to celebrate an early Christmas.  A big thank you to Jason, Bridget and Katie for the visit and to my Christ Church family for all the Christmas love!

Also, a thank you to the sponsors from the past few weeks: Robin & Conrad Koneczny, Kevin Lonabaugh, Amelia Wheeler, and Leslie & Scott Harper!  And one last thank you to Jason for the beautiful pictures in my blog this week!