Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fun Begins!

Hard to believe a second week has flown by already.  First of all, thank you to this past week’s sponsors Sally and Joyce and to this week’s sponsors Bill and Kay!  This week has been filled with all sorts of excitement, from learning Creole to my first rehearsal with the beginning band students.  

The week began with sending off the Holy Trinity’s Boys Choir on their tour.  The choir along with several members of the orchestra will be performing all over the United States during the month of September.  I personally was blessed with their voices filling my room as they rehearsed one last time on Monday night in the room across from my apartment.

On Tuesday, Kelsey and I began to explore Pétionville a little more to learn the lay of the land.  Our walk was complete with a trip to the two main parks in Pétionville!  I must say though, so far one my favorite things about living here is we are blessed with an amazing sunset almost every evening.  

Perpetua, my Creole tutor, paid me a visit a few times this week to begin my lessons.  She is a great tutor and I’m extremely thankful for her patience with me.  I think I’m slowly beginning to learn this language (though it does help hearing it all around you)! 

Friday morning, I had the opportunity to visit the Diocesan office thanks to Sikhumbuzo Vundla, the Chief of Operation for the Diocese of Haiti.  He showed me all around the office and was a really wonderful person to meet.

Later in the afternoon we headed to Port-au-Prince for rehearsals.  I was put by myself in a room with six beginning band students.  My initial reaction was, “how in the world am I going to do this, I don’t speak enough Creole yet!!!”  Somehow (mainly thanks to the grace of God) I was able to get through the rehearsal and we actually played some music together.  One of the biggest advantages I had in this situation is the Haitian children are very well behaved and patient with me!

To say the least, I made a long list of Creole terms I wished I knew for the next day.  I am happy to report that after some rest and studying, I would consider the second rehearsal to be a success!  I was up to ten students, we got through a good portion of the music, and I even got a compliment on my Creole from one of the students (I think they were just trying to get on my good side!). After rehearsal I talked to some of the girls from my class while they ate lunch.  It was so much fun learning about their lives and sharing about mine!

Today was another beautiful Sunday; I love the new family I am creating here!  The morning began with the English service, where I was able to help by doing the first reading.  My favorite part of the service was a portion of the second reading from James 2, “So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.”  What a great reminder as I begin my mission work here in Haiti!  

After the service I had several great chats with members of the congregation and was invited to join one of the couples, Randall and Anita, on their Sunday morning shopping trip.  They have been missionaries in Haiti for many years and were so generous to show me around Pétionville.  They pointed out all the great spots to go for bites to eat, shopping and other places of importance.  I was then invited back to their home for brunch where we spent the afternoon enjoying a wonderful meal and fantastic conversation.  Today was a truly blessed day and I must say I think I’m falling in love with Haiti (minus the mosquitos - I could definitely do without them)!

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