Monday, September 3, 2012

First Week Adventures

It's hard to believe that I arrived here just a week ago!  A whirlwind of things have happened, but that's to be expected when establishing yourself in a new place.  The past week has consisted of meeting tons of wonderful new people, starting some projects for the school (working on a new curriculum for the woodwinds!), figuring out how things work in Haiti, and learning Creole of course! 

Some of the highlights took place on Saturday; Bernadette (an administrator of the school) took Kelsey (a volunteer at the school) and I out to do some grocery shopping.  We went to the Big Star Market, one of the many grocery stores here in Pétionville.  

Nothing too exciting about shopping Haiti since it's pretty much just like shopping at home.  Only big difference is that you pay in gourdes and you speak in Creole! (By the way, you may notice there's a pizza in the cart - I was delighted to find out you can find pizza at all sorts of places in Haiti!)

One of the things I love about going out in Pétionville is all of the sights to see. The mountain sides are an especially beautiful backdrop to the everyday busy bustle and hustle of the streets.

Later in the evening, Père César and Bernadette took myself and Kelsey out to dinner.

The restaurant is called the Artist's Corner and is Père's favorite place.  It served amazing fresh grilled fish and was the perfect spot to talk about what Kelsey and I will be doing during the month of September.  We will be traveling to the different satellite schools of Holy Trinity School of Music and working with the programs.  I'm really excited about this opportunity to collaborate with the other schools and to see different parts of the country!

I have great stories from Sunday too, so check back later for another post!  And a big thank you to my first sponsor this past Saturday, Mary Beth!   

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