Thursday, August 9, 2012

News from Haiti!

Today I had the wonderful blessing of talking to Père David Cesar, who is the director for Holy Trinity School of Music.

We had a great conversation talking about the camp that they had just facilitated, my arrival in Haiti and, the work I'll be doing with the school. The other exciting news is that we decided my departure date for Haiti. And the date is....

I cannot wait and now the real countdown begins!


  1. Ashley, I was excited to find your blog through one of the many Episcopal newsletters I receive (I'm a priest in San Diego). I spent several weeks teaching music at Holy Trinity in 1999 during one of my summers during college. I'm so thrilled that you will be able to serve there, and you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Haiti is a very special place, and Pere David will take very good care of you. I too am a flutist, and one of my funniest memories was playing a flute/tuba duet - the tubist spoke only French, so we had to rely heavily on the universal language of music. I will follow your blog with interest and prayer. Many blessings as you prepare for your ministry in Haiti!

    The Rev. Rebecca Edwards

    1. Thank you for the message Rev. Edwards and sharing that story! I'm thrilled with this opportunity to serve at Holy Trinity and am sure I'll have some fun stories like that to share soon too.